Woodwind Quintet by Andreas Makris
12 Sep 2012
Aeolos Woodwind Quintet Woodwind Quintet by Andreas Makris The Aeolos Woodwind Quintet was founded in Athens aiming to develop the Chamber Music in Greece. Members of the Aeolos are leading music players of the Symphony Orchestras of Greece. The repertory of Aeolos includes all the major musical pieces for Chamber Music of the 19th and the 20th Century with emphasis to the pieces of Greek Composers. To ?????t?t? ??????? p?e?st?? ?????S ?d?????e st?? ????a µe s??p? t?? a??pt??? t?? ?esµ?? t?? µ??s???? d?µat??? st? ???a µa?.?p?t?e?ta? ap? ????fa???? µ??s????? S?µf?????? ????st??? t?? ????a?.?? p?a?µat??? a?e???t??t? ?epe?t???? t?? s?????? a?t?? pe???aµß??e? ???a µe e????s?ast???,e?pa?de?t???,???a?????? ?a?a?t??a,e?? ??e? d??e? ?d?a?te?? ßa??t?ta sta ???a ??????? s???et??. Vangelis Stathoulopoulos, Flute Ioannis Tselikas, Oboe Angelos Politis, Clarinet Georgios Faroungias, Basson Spiros Kakos, Horn Athens Greece
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